5 Must-Install Apps for Movie Lovers & Fans

Most people like movies well enough, but you’re a huge movie lover. You can quote hundreds of lines and still love the culture of going to a movie theater.

Or maybe you just enjoy relaxing with a movie on Netflix between work, studies, and everything else. Either way, this list has something for you. Let’s look at some apps that every casual and passionate movie fan needs.

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1. IMDb

Just as the main website, IMDb’s app is perfect for discovering new movies, as well as all sorts of news and information from the entertainment industry. You can use the app as a mobile-friendly extension of the website to discover something great to watch.


2. Flixster

Although IMDb has its own movie ratings and reviews, movie lovers still turn to Rotten Tomatoes for reassurance. How many times have you visited this website when wondering if a movie is worth watching?


While Flixster offers a variety of functions, from checking the relevant movie news to buying tickets, its most interesting feature is the partnership with Rotten Tomatoes. You can track the movies you’d like to see as well as the ones you have reviewed and get a quick access to the film’s RT score.

3. Netflix

Now you can truly watch Netflix anywhere, anytime. If you’re a big fan of the platform, you need the Netflix app to watch it on your smartphone.


Unless you’re new to the Netflix world, you won’t find any new features that you aren’t already using. However, the app is a nice mobile-friendly extension of Netflix and is easy to use. Having your favorite movies and shows on hand can change your commute forever. Just make sure you have the right data plan for streaming or enough space to download for offline viewing.

4. Flipps

Flipps is a great free movie streaming site, available right on your phone. Even though it’s less popular than Netflix, it offers a range of useful functions to any movie enthusiast.


5. FilmStruck

Are you a fan of classics looking for new ways to watch timely classic movies online? Then FilmStruck is your stop. This giant classic film vault has all kinds of iconic films from Hollywood to independent. Its catalog is updated weekly with new titles and new classic masterpieces.


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